Advantages of recruiting mexican software developers

When we think about software development perhaps Mexico isn’t one of the countries that immediately comes to mind; it’s certainly known for offering many advantages to anyone looking to nearshore their company’s needs, but as far as software development, our minds usually go east, to the Philippines, India, Vietnam or China. 

However, many of these offshoring options have proven to be problematic, for many reasons, and Mexico has begun to rise as one of the most viable alternatives in the international market.

As neighbors, we share much more than we think

Some of the qualities that make Mexico a great hub for nearshoring are:

  • Competitive Prices: This is most certainly the first reason why companies look to the nearshore alternative. In this sense, Mexico’s prices have remained stable for the past years while China’s have spiked, making the Latin American option more enticing. 

  • IT Talent: The talent that is emerging from Mexican universities every year in technology is staggering, it far exceeds the local job market, leaving a lot of talented software developers looking for work.

  • Overlapping Time Zones: It’s always a major advantage to have all your team working at the same time, something that is simply impossible offshoring to Asian countries where time differences can vary from ten to twelve hours from the U.S. Central Standard Time. 

  • Bilingualism: Mexico is known for its adoption of English as a second language in all levels of industry. Most jobs require a knowledge of English and at a high level of proficiency, allowing for a better understanding between U.S. employers and foreign employees.

  • Culture: Mexico has been influenced by the American culture for several decades. This influence is not exclusive to the entertainment industry, the amount of multinational companies that have set up camp in Mexico have permeated the American business culture into the Mexican society, making it far easier to find team cohesion.

The lockdown has answered many questions about the workplace

Many people were reluctant about hiring nearshore software developers because they felt that it was necessary to have people on-site while building important software. However, when it comes to people’s ability to work remotely, it seems that the lockdown has settled the argument. Most workers say that in this new “home office era”, they are working more, being more productive, and feel happier, and that includes nearshore employees. So, if this was your company’s main concern about nearshoring, you have nothing to worry about. 

For more information on how Mexican software developers can revolutionize your company, contact us today, everyone at Near Shore Devs will be happy to help.

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