Are You Looking for a .Net Development Service? Introducing Near Shore Devs

At Near Shore Devs we want to offer you a nearshore outsourcing service that withstands time and consistently renders results to our clients. That is why we have decided to specialize in coding languages that have strong backing, that are commonly used in the industry, and therefore will be around for a very long time. According to RedMonk, a leading developer-based focused analyst firm, the coding languages that we center on are constantly among the Top 10 most commonly used. This doesn’t mean that we are not constantly training on the latest technologies and trends, but we rather focus on what we know is going to be beneficial in the long run for your company, avoiding reengineering of platforms, systems and environments that come and go seasonally.


A Software Development Company is Only as Good as Its Developers Especially in the Nearshore Outsourcing.  


Coming up with the right candidate for your company’s needs is a process that we take very seriously, that’s why we put our top people on the job, so you get the very best programmers in the nearshore outsourcing market.


·  Expert Eyes: No developer is hired without our founders and expert technologists’ approval. Both our CEO and CTO have deep knowledge of the requirements a software development company has.

·  We Look for a Good Match: Once we start working with you, we will develop a profile of the perfect candidates for the position you need to fill.

·  A Focus on Proficiency: Every developer has to show proficiency in coding in general; even though we specialize in Microsoft based languages, we look for people that are comfortable in any environment. With that said, we put special emphasis on developers that dominate .net, c++, c#, Java Script, among all the myriad of options Microsoft offers.

·  Constant Training: Our developers come in with a high skill set to work on your projects immediately. However, we believe it to be paramount to maintain those skills and add new ones. That is why we train our developers monthly with the best online courses available, so that you get top-tier talent all the time.

·  Tearing Down the Barrier: One of the main concerns in company owners is the language barrier, and that doesn’t mean coding language. We search for developers that are just as capable of communicating in English, so you don’t have any trouble managing your business.

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Near Shore Devs Backs Up Each of Its .Net Developers


One of the main reasons to pick us as your nearshore outsourcing service is the constant backing you will receive from our experts. Stop wasting time with account managers or salesmen and start talking with C-level engineers that speak your language, and you will have access to them 24/7.

Come on over and become one more of the many winners that have profited from everything Near Shore Devs and its revolutionary model, Assisted Expansion, has to offer. Call is today!

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