How to Know your Nearshoring Service Needs Changing

Hiring a good company to handle your nearshoring needs is not an easy task, though it may seem like it if you aren’t aware of the different options available. Some may believe that there isn’t too much room for differentiating among the variety of market offerings, but this is a common misconception. In reality, services can vary drastically due to experience, size, and expertise.

What is Nearshoring and Why Should You Get in on It?

Nearshoring services are not something new, they’ve been around for years as a result of the disappointing results that came about from offshoring projects to countries that are further away in distance and culture. This service arose because of a need in the market: software development companies were in dire need of talent, and developers became a precious commodity, one that got to be prohibitively expensive and very easy to lose to a competitor. Nearshore companies tapped into the Latin American market, specifically in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, where people were highly educated, understood the American business culture, were proficient in English, and worked in a similar time zone.

Knowing You’re Working with the Right Nearshoring Service is Key

Running a nearshoring company is not for everyone. Some think that simply having a pool of talent is good enough, and that’s just not true. So here are a three things to look out for in your nearshoring provider that could tell you it may be time for a change:

  • Numbers are not Everything: When you hire someone to be a part of your team you don’t just get anyone, you look for the best. You look for a person with a specific profile and set of skills. So maybe your near shore company has a large number of candidates to choose from, but they haven’t necessarily been screened and vetted by experienced technologists. You need to be with a company that knows what the best looks like.

  • Your Account Manager Seems Lost: Do you ever feel like the person with whom you are in contact seems to need to ask upper management a lot of questions? Maybe, they leave you waiting while they go see if something or other is possible. What you need is direct, 24/7 service from the CEO or the CTO of the company, but let’s be reasonable, nobody offers that… right? Well, you’d be surprised!

  • Your Stuck with a Dud: So your nearshoring service sent you a developer and they’re not up to par. What now? Perhaps you asked for a new one, but the replacement is just as bad as the last. And the worst part is, you can’t get out of your contract because you’ll get penalized. Sounds familiar? You need a company with flexible contracts, that allows you to come in and out as you please, and most of all, you need a company that will send you only the best to start with.

You need to know how to detect if something isn’t going ideally, and with services that people don’t know too much of, it’s easy to wrongly believe that it’s nearshoring that is not for you when it’s actually your provider that is dropping the ball. 

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At Near Shore Devs, we love to roll out the red carpet for all of our customers and become a part of their team, doing our very best to propel their growth by providing the right people at the right time for the right price. 

So give nearshoring another chance and contact us, with the right company backing you up, you will see how much it can revolutionize your business.

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