Nearshore Software Development is a Reality

A common and useful way for American companies to save up on maintenance and break/fix jobs has been subcontracting those projects to offshore companies, and although most people's minds wonder towards Asia and the Middle East, especially when thinking about software development, there are new alternatives that though more expensive at first glance, end up being far more efficient

With near-shoring we have found that developers are easier to onboard due to many reasons: 

  • In México and the rest of the Americas, English is a natural second language, and one that is spoken at very high levels of proficiency, so the common communication barrier with an Indian or Vietnamese team is reduced.
  • Because of the closeness with the United States, the culture in many of these countries is more similar to that of a faraway eastern country.
  • The time zones are very similar to the U.S. Even if you live on opposite sides of the continent, the most you will have is a four hour time difference as opposed to a twelve or fifteen hour difference offshore. 

All of these are key to a better work environment with near-shore developers.

Near-shore Software Development doesn’t sound like a natural alternative 

This is a fallacy. To think that you will only find adequate engineers or developers offshore is simply incorrect. The amount of people going into technology in near-shore markets is astounding, some are even trained in the U.S., and software development savvy coupled with fluent English and on-demand availability should make it very enticing. 

Advantages of Near-shore Software Development 

How many times have you had to redo or rework something because it got lost in translation? How many times have you lost precious days because of a massive time difference and a poor response time? How many times have you ended up paying more than you expected, perhaps even more than you expected to save, because you had to start over with someone new every few months? With near-shore software development you have more control over project specifications, more oversight scheduling meetings easily with your entire off-site team, and with everyone more and more used to home office, you can be sure the work will get done, don’t forget that the culture in Mexico is similar to the USA so you don’t have to battle with different ways to work with your team. 

Welcome to the new era. Get onboard the near-shore train and reap all the benefits!

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