Nearshoring Evolved into Assisted Expansion

When it comes to staff augmentation, the go-to option was always offshoring. With all its shortcomings, hiring break/fix teams in India or China was the only viable option to save money and get the job done. However, the downside was sometimes steeper than any return: the language barrier encumbered communication, the drastically different time zones made having meetings complicated, and the cultural distance was sometimes hard to navigate, resulting in jobs having to be re-worked over and over, and time or quality being severely sacrificed in the name of cost. 

Then came near-shoring, which solved many problems, but others arose. It was very difficult for companies to find the right person, with the correct qualifications, and the necessary technological expertise to fulfill positions. And it wasn’t due to a shortage of talent in the near-shore markets, it was because of a lack of experience and vision to sort through the candidates.

Along came Assisted Expansion

Assisted Expansion is the alternative that Near Shore Devs developed after a long time battling with mediocre break/fix teams that were unmotivated and uninterested in the company they worked for. Assisted Expansion is the way to avoid having to choose among time, quality or cost; it’s the answer to the demands of a highly specialized market with very specific requirements.

Assisted Expansion: How it’s done

  • The first step is to get to know your company and its software development needs, this way we know exactly who we are looking for. 
  • Then we go into our pool of English-proficient candidates and search only for those who meet your criteria wasting no time with endless parades of people just for the sake of numbers. 
  • Once we have the candidates selected, you get involved in the process, in order to get the right person for the job and for your company. 
  • The difference with everyone else? The whole process is overlooked by a group of highly-trained, dedicated CTOs, with deep knowledge of software development as well as the American business culture. They supervise each developer, from the moment they are interviewed to the moment they are hired, and beyond, because our team will back them up throughout their tenure with you, allowing your experts to spend time in more essential activities.

Forget about sacrificing time, quality or your bottom line, with Assisted Expansion you can have it all!

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