Never Sacrifice Time, Quality, or Cost with NSD's Assisted Expansion

Remember those times when you had a maintenance job that was necessary to carry out but you didn’t want to waste your best assets on it? So, you decided to offshore that job; you contacted an engineering business in Vietnam or India perhaps, you had a couple of meetings, and then forgot about it, thinking that it was taken care of.

However, most of us know how that little story ended for a large majority of us: When you were given advances on the project, you realized that there were mistakes, perhaps not due to a lack of expertise but because of miscommunication or a lack of supervision due to a huge disparity in time zones. So, you tried again, and again. Until you recognized that all the savings you expected are now gone, so you cut your losses and ended up with an incomplete job, paying more than expected and wasting precious time. Sounds familiar?

What you realize with most offshoring options is that you have to sacrifice either time, quality or cost: If you want something quickly and cheaply, it will likely lack quality; if you want something well-made at a good rate, it will take a long time; and if you want something fast and high-quality, it will inevitably be expensive. It’s a simple equation from which it seems impossible to escape.

Along came Near Shore Devs and Assisted Expansion

Near Shore Devs devised a model that gets you what you want, when you want it, at a rate that is to your advantage. What we did to escape the equation was:

  • Hire Top Talent: Getting top talent is not a simple task, you need an eye for it, you need to know how to differentiate between a good programmer and a great programmer. Near Shore Devs looks for talent through the eyes of CTO’s with lengthy industry experience on both sides of the border that know exactly what you need.

  • Hire from Top Nearshore Markets: It may not be common knowledge that Mexico is starting to stand out as a software development market. The sheer volume of students graduating universities with tech degrees is more than the country’s capacity to offer them work locally. This opens up a large untapped market of talented developers looking for opportunities.

  • Constant Back up for Our Talent: NSD removes the need for your top managers to supervise remote employees. NSD’s software developers are backed up every step of the way by experts in the field.

  • Offering Lower Prices: Our rates are lower than our competition, and although they may seem slightly above some offshore markets, you will see the savings reflected in lower rework and higher accountability.

Assisted Expansion is Near Shore Devs’ Winning Formula

With this formula we have created a new model that makes better sense to our peers and clients. We have removed the challenges of offshoring by recruiting and onboarding highly committed  workers, with a high proficiency in the English language, as well as, a deeper knowledge of the American business culture, who work in your time zone, with the backing of experienced CTO’s, and at a competitive rate, with savings that can range from 50 to 65% compared with the local markets.

If it seems like it’s too good to be true, it’s not. It’s Near Shore Devs’ Assisted Expansion.

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