Onboarding Your Nearshore Software Developer

When it comes to onboarding nearshore software developers many people have the idea that it’s not really necessary, given that they are not really on-site and they only need to be in contact with one or two people in the company; well, let me tell you, this could not be further from the truth. 


For the goals of your company to be met efficiently and repeatedly, every person in it must be aligned to the mission and the vision of the people guiding it; they need to understand how everything works, why it’s important that it works in said way, and who they are working for. In the end, a team is as strong as each of its members and you need everyone to know the secret handshakes, even those that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away


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In-house or Nearshore, every Software Developer Needs a Common Goal


The first thing you need to do is show your new staff member the ropes. Make sure that your nearshore software developer feels like they actually belong in the company and they’re not just an appendage. This is important so they understand there’s a structure and processes, schedules, and deadlines that need to be met and fulfilled. It’s very easy for an employee that has had no human contact with anyone in your company to see it as a virtual entity, it’s in your best interest to humanize your company to them.


Some of the basics:


-   Your nearshore software developer should have someone to contact directly during the first few weeks of work. It’s important that you don’t leave your new nearshore employee to his or her wits; it’s a good idea to assign someone to them that can answer any doubts and show them the proper channels of communication.

-   Don’t overwhelm your new employee. It may feel like instinct to want the new guy to start working and rendering results right away, but you have to take your time. Don’t oversaturate the newbie with too much information.

-   Even though they may start with one specific guide, it’s important to eventually introduce your new software developer to the team. It’s crucial for anyone entering a new job to be welcomed in. Feeling a part of a whole will be key for those long hours of effort ahead feeling less like a drag and more of a valuable and beneficial responsibility.


New Technologies Simplify Team Building with your Nearshore Software Developer


It may sound tired and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, however, team-building activities could prove essential to the creation and reaffirmation of a business culture within your company. According to financesonline.com, the Onboarding Best Practices require an average of 54 onboarding activities for new hires, this may seem excessive, and falling a little short might not result in catastrophe, but that number should speak volumes as to the importance of employee engagement.

These activities, especially now with the pandemic lockdown, are mostly done via one of the many video conferencing platforms available; don’t think it’s for naught, you’ll be amazed at how much a virtual happy hour of Pictionary or Trivia can do for group cohesion.


In short, treat your nearshore software developer the same way you would any other new employee; walk them through, make sure they understand your framework, as well as, introduce them to every team member, and always keep in touch. Making people feel part of the company makes them far more efficient and interested in its success.


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