Tips on how to Choose the Best Nearshore Software Development Team

Choosing your nearshore software development team should not be taken lightly; just as you would with any other hire, you need to make sure that the person you’re accepting into your company is the best for your specific needs.


At Near Shore Devs we are aware of the importance of adding someone new to a project, that is why our screening process is meticulous and comprehensive, so your team will grow, above all, in quality.

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A Few Qualities a Nearshore Software Development Candidate Must Have


Some of the qualities we will list below might seem obvious, but funnily enough, it’s these obvious qualities with which some decide to do away, simply because the candidate looks good on paper or because they are hurried by their need to expand.


So without further ado, here are a few qualities to look for in your nearshore software developer while in the process of vetting and selection:


·  Programming Background: Of course! So obvious! However, you’d be surprised how many people are simply unable to discern between talented and mediocre candidates. This happens mainly because the people conducting the search are not versed in the language or experienced in programming themselves. That’s why at NSD, it’s our founding partners that look into each candidate’s credentials and abilities.

·  English Proficiency: One of the reasons why many are shying away from outsourcing to the Middle East is the language barrier, so you don’t want to run into this problem here. Every candidate you view must be able to communicate with your team both in English and in every coding language you work with.

·  Cultural Understanding: The last thing you need in your staff is someone without the reaction times of all the other members or someone that needs to be taken aside to reinforce the instructions. It’s important that your candidate shares and accepts your management style.

·  Home Office Experience: Nowadays, with the pandemic lockdown, everyone will be able to say they have worked from home, however, asking your candidate for their working habits is a good way to sift through the good and the bad. The main things you’re looking for are organizational skills and scheduling habits.


Every New Nearshore Teammate has to Be a Good Match


The four tips above all involve qualities with respect to the work itself but, if we were to add a fifth piece of advice, one we believe to be crucial, is this: Listen to that gut feeling you get when you talk to someone. It might be underappreciated by some but we believe you need a person that is a good fit with your team vibe. A star that comes to rip the dressing room apart is a star from which you should run, so it’s important that you meet with possible candidates to see if the chemistry is right.


So that’s our list! We hope these tips are helpful when you’re deciding between candidates. 

Remember that Near Shore Devs wants to make your nearshoring endeavors as easy and foolproof as possible, so give us a call and allow us to help and support you through your staff augmentation process.

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