What is Near Shore Devs?

Near Shore Devs is a nearshoring company headquartered in Austin, Texas, founded by Douglas Loyo and Emilio Baez, with the clear mission of providing American companies with excellent programmers from nearshore markets. 

This endeavor came about as they both saw a great demand for software developers that could take care of break/fix projects, and leaving their first team talent available for more creative work. 

Said demand was so massive because traditional offshoring alternatives were starting to prove far more costly and cumbersome than effective, so a new angle had to be taken.

As former CTO’s and CEO’s, they were able to analyze the problem from within the industry, and concluded that companies were simply looking in the wrong direction: trying to find solutions halfway around the world was not cutting it.

The Solution was called Near Shore Devs 

Near Shore Devs was born as the answer to the challenge that software development companies were being faced with by eliminating the main sources of trouble, among which we find:

  • Language Barrier: It was never easy to try to convey all the subtleties of an idea to programmers that were not proficient enough in English. Once communication broke down, it was predictable that mistakes would be made and time would be wasted in rework, inevitably affecting the bottom line.

  • Time Zones: Not being able to work at the same time as your offshore team is no small issue. So, by choosing from a pool of candidates in neighboring countries that share the same time, people could have their programmers readily available and have meetings with their entire teams on-demand.

  • Culture: Because of the expansion of so many American companies into countries like Mexico, in addition to the penetrating influence of the United States’ entertainment industry, near shore programmers have a much better grasp of the American social and business cultures. This evidently helps avoid misunderstandings that can affect the corporate climate.

  • Geographical Closeness: Near Shore Devs’ headquarters are in Austin, Texas, which is proportionally much closer to the main Mexican industrial hubs, like Mexico City, Monterrey or Guadalajara, than other offshoring destinations, so visits are not necessarily out of the question. 

  • Experience and Service: One of the biggest added values that Near Shore Devs offers is the chance to work directly with the experts. One thing that the creators of the company wanted was to offer personalized service, from CTO to CTO, speaking the language, and knowing the ins and outs first hand. 

Near Shore Devs’ Assisted Expansion is the Cherry on the Cake

Of course, Near Shore Devs is not the first nearshore company or the creator of the concept. However, what its creators realized was that the main problem most staff augmentation companies have is finding the right person, at the right time, for the right amount of money, and with that in mind, they devised Assisted Expansion, a new business model that set them apart.


They brought in all their experience and expertise as Chief Technology Officers and started creating a pool of software developers they handpicked themselves, with all the specifications every CTO wants in their engineering teams. Then, they offered personalized attention to company owners so they felt backed up at every step of the way. And finally, they ensured satisfaction by remaining in constant communication with supervisors to know exactly how well things were going, and providing new programmers in case something wasn’t up to par, at no added expense for the company.

In essence, Near Shore Devs took all the stress away from nearshoring and made it simple, safe, and cost-effective. 

Near Shore Devs is the product of the innovation and execution of two experienced chief tech officers, with in-depth knowledge of the software development industry.   

Give us a call! We look forward to finding solutions to your software development needs.

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