What to Expect from your Nearshore Software Developer

Many people are still unsure of what they may be getting if they decide to go for a nearshore hire, perhaps it has to do with the fact that software development has been prevalent in other regions of the world and not necessarily Latin America. That is why we felt compelled to tell you a little more of what you’re getting if you decide to go the nearshore way.

With Near Shore Devs You Only Get the Best Software Developer

During our selection process, our very own CEO, Douglas Loyo, and our CTO, Emilio Baez, sit personally with each new client to learn everything there is to learn about their business, their operation, their culture, their framework, and their goals. This sort of customer service is unrivaled, and what it does is perfect our recruitment process. We do not send you developers by the numbers to see if one of them  sticks, we look for the right fit for your company from the start, so you waste no time onboarding people that will eventually leave or you’ll have to let go. 

Find all the reasons why you should go the nearshore way here.

Every Software Developer we Send You Has to Check All the Boxes

Once we know what you want specifically, we will start our search. However, aside from all the particulars that you ask for, you can be sure that your Near Shore Devs developer will have:

  • Fluid English: Every single one of our developers has to possess a proficient level of English, both in the conversational language and the industry lingo. So you won’t have to battle against any communication barriers.
  • Software Development Background and Experience: All of our candidates will have the necessary studies in software development, coding, programming, or similar, as well as years of field experience.
  • Knowledge of American Business Culture: Our developers have had contact with American employers and have been closely related to the American culture for all their lives. One of the main advantages of nearshore markets such as Mexico is precisely that their geographical closeness makes it far easier to relate to personally. 
  • Same Work Schedules: You will not have to contend with time differences when you hire a nearshore software developer with us. Again, because of their closeness to the U.S. you will have access to them at your leisure.
  • Better Price per Hour: If we’re being honest, one of the main reasons American companies start considering nearshoring is the savings it represents. So you can be sure that at Near Shore Devs, your software developer will cost you half, if not less, than what a local developer would.

So there you have it. You can be certain that all candidates brought to you will have all of these characteristics, as well as, any other specificities you may require. 

Contact us today, and we will tell you in much more detail everything that we can do for your business.

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