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Running a business is hard enough: developing products, getting clients, chasing payments, supervising workers, creating marketing strategies, fixing problems, keeping books, staying current, it’s so much! And sometimes it’s just unimaginable to take on a new task, even if it has the capacity to make things better in the long run, if it takes time or effort away from you or your key managers, you simply don’t see it as worth doing.

Companies hire nearshoring and offshoring services precisely for this reason; they see it as an opportunity to unload a certain amount of work onto someone else so they can focus on activities that are going to bring in the bucks. However, the experience is not always great, as offshoring companies present a massive challenge with different time zones, language barriers and cultural distance, and nearshoring services seem to struggle when it comes to having sufficient talent available. 

Near Shore Devs created a Model just for you

While considering the possibility of opening a nearshoring business, the founders of Near Shore Devs knew they were entering a niche already inhabited by companies offering this service, but felt they had something different to bring to the table. They understood that the main quality lacking in the competition was that many of these companies were going for numbers, approaching the software development game the same way you would do with any other kind of business. They knew, however, that this was not what American software companies needed. They had enough experience in this industry to think like business owners, CEO’s and CTO’s; they knew what to offer and how to offer it because they came from that environment.

Assisted Expansion: The Major Difference no other Software Development Company can Offer

Assisted Expansion was the name given to the new model of staff augmentation created by Near Shore Devs, and it hinged directly of the assistance companies would receive directly from the experts, however, there are a few more differences worth mentioning:

1. Personal Attention: When you work with other companies, you usually get to talk to an account manager or someone from a sales department. In Near Shore Devs you have direct contact with the experts themselves. Douglas Loyo, CEO, and Emilio Baez, CTO, are the ones taking your calls, fixing your problems, and suggesting courses of action from the perspective of experienced and accomplished software development leaders.

2. Flexibility at Affordable Prices: Large nearshoring companies have the disadvantage of not being able to accommodate your needs. Near Shore Devs has the flexibility to offer you replacement developers at no extra cost, as well as, adaptable contracts to your changing possibilities, and all this at much better prices.

3. Senior Programmers and Constant Training: Near Shore Devs only hires programmers with senior software development skills. We pride ourselves in having only the best. If that wasn’t enough, Near Shore Devs conducts monthly trainings so that programmers are always at the top of their game and updated to the latest tech tendencies.

4. Expert Screening and Backing: The programmers you hire are always vetted and scrutinized by our CEO and CTO, looking for the specific abilities they know are needed in your business. And every one of our programmers is backed by our company’s experts so your management will always be in contact with us for a constant performance review.

5.Onboarding: With Near Shore Devs you have complete freedom to onboard your software developers to your business culture incentivizing employees motivation and alignment with your company’s processes and objectives.

So now you know, Near Shore Devs can do so much more for your business than you ever thought possible. Contact us and we’ll be happy to review your needs and get you started.

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