Reasons Why Assisted Expansion is Better than other Nearshoring Services

Nearshoring options are aplenty in the market these days. However, it seems as though most of the companies offering this service are very similar, offering you candidates that are pretty much the same, giving you little to no flexibility, and providing a service that is lacking at best.

That is why Near Shore Devs came up with a model that is different, capable of offering you the same advantages other nearshore companies do, as well as, an added value that is you won’t find anywhere else.

There Was a Hole in the Nearshore Software Development Market

Near Shore Devs is a small company that prides in its capacity for delivering premium service to its clients, becoming a partner in their operation, as opposed to a simple service provider. Its founders, Douglas Loyo (CEO) and Emilio Baez (CTO), realized that what the market needed was a service that could work hand-in-hand with software development companies to propel their business forward; a service that could offer top talent at reasonable prices, and one that could effectively take away tiresome and time-consuming maintenance or break/fix chores from the hands of key members of staff, and do so with the absolute confidence that these would be provided correctly and on-time. 

What they realized was that all nearshore and offshore companies forced businesses to decide between cost, time or quality; they all gave you two, the ones you valued most, but never all three.

Assisted Expansion arrived to Solve all your Nearshore Needs

What Douglas and Emilio came up with was a model that could deliver everything they had been looking for as CTO’s and CEO’s in companies on both sides of the border. They had in-depth, hands-on experience of what a software development company wanted and why they weren’t getting it.

  • Top-Shelf Talent: In most cases, nearshore companies will base their business model on body count, it’s a matter of numbers and not quality. What Near Shore Devs envisioned through Assisted Expansion was a service that only hired developers with Senior Level abilities, so your B-Team was just as reliable as you’re A-Team.
  • Premium, Full-Access Customer Service: One of the things that aggravated Douglas and Emilio the most about working with nearshore services was that they always had to speak to lower level employees, account managers, or sales people, that had no actual say over matters or expertise in software development. For Assisted Expansion, they decided they would be providing the service themselves. They would conduct screening and vetting of candidates, and clients would have direct and full contact with the company’s top management, so everyone spoke the same language and decisions could be made right then and there.
  • Flexibility: Larger companies in the industry have no wiggle room when it comes to contracts; if you decide the service is not for you and want to cancel, you have to pay high penalty fees. Well, Douglas and Emilio didn’t want that. At Near Shore Devs you are always able to leave without hassle or punishment. If you don’t like a developer, we will do our best to find one that suits you for no extra cost; however, if you’re still not satisfied, you can simply walk away. No questions asked, no heart feelings.
  • Best Prices in the Market: Don’t think that because we’re offering you all of this we didn’t think about the top reason why you’re thinking of a nearshore software developer. At Near Shore Devs you will get the best prices you will find. You can count on that!

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As you can see, with Assisted Expansion you won’t ever have to decide between cost, quality or time; you will get top talent, for premium prices, working at your pace. It’s a win-win-win! 

Be one of the winners with Near Shore Devs and Assisted Expansion. Contact us today!

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